Bad Habits Devices at Kidz Smile: Innovative Solutions for Healthy Habits

Kidz Smile is proud to introduce the InstaLock™ System, a revolutionary approach designed to address and eliminate thumb-sucking and finger-sucking habits in children. This innovative system represents a breakthrough in pediatric dentistry, providing an effective and comfortable solution to curb these common childhood habits.

Key Features of the InstaLock™ System:

  • Secure Attachment to the Child’s Hand: The InstaLock™ System is meticulously engineered to securely attach to the child’s hand. This ensures a consistent and reliable method to deter thumb-sucking and finger-sucking, promoting a gradual break from these habits.
  • Preservation of Settings with Daily Bracelet Change: Kidz Smile recognizes the importance of flexibility in addressing children’s needs. The InstaLock™ System preserves settings by allowing a daily bracelet change, ensuring hygiene and adaptability while maintaining the device’s effectiveness.
  • Thumb Guards for Targeted Intervention: Specifically designed thumb guards are a cornerstone of the InstaLock™ System. These guards target thumb-sucking habits directly, offering a gentle yet firm deterrent to discourage the child from engaging in the habit.
  • Finger Guards for Comprehensive Care: Complementing the thumb guards are specialized finger guards, addressing finger-sucking habits. Kidz Smile takes a comprehensive approach, understanding that each child’s habits are unique, and the InstaLock™ System caters to both thumb and finger habits effectively.

The Path to Breaking the Habit:

  • Effective Solution for Elimination: The InstaLock™ System is not just a deterrent; it is an effective solution aimed at eliminating thumb-sucking, making it a thing of the past. By providing a consistent and controlled approach, Kidz Smile supports parents and children on the path to breaking these habits.
  • Comfortable and Child-Friendly: Recognizing the importance of comfort, the InstaLock™ System is designed to be child-friendly. The materials used are safe and non-intrusive, ensuring that the child can adapt to the device comfortably.

Empowering Families for Better Oral Health:

  • Educational Support for Families: Kidz Smile understands that breaking habits requires a collaborative effort between dental professionals, parents, and the child. We provide educational support for families, offering guidance on the importance of eliminating thumb-sucking and finger-sucking for long-term oral health.
  • Holistic Approach to Oral Well-being: The InstaLock™ System embodies Kidz Smile’s commitment to a holistic approach to oral well-being. By addressing habits early on, we contribute to the prevention of potential dental issues, ensuring that children develop and maintain healthy dental habits for life.

Kidz Smile’s InstaLock™ System is not just a device; it’s a transformative solution that empowers families on the journey to better oral health. With innovation, expertise, and a focus on the unique needs of each child, Kidz Smile introduces a new era in addressing common childhood habits.

Total removable prosthesis

A removable prosthesis that covers all of the teeth is called a complete denture.

More precise treatment

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More precise treatment

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Toddlers' Teeth


Kidz Smile offers specialized Fluoride sessions for toddlers, enhancing tooth resistance to acid attacks and reversing early decay. In children under 6, fluoride is integrated into permanent teeth development, hindering acid demineralization.

6-7 year old boy smiling and showing his missing teeth. Cute Chi


Most kids tend to have accidents that cause some sort of injury while growing up. The injuries usually range from a scraped knee to a broken bone. Most of us don’t make it into adulthood without a scar, or chipped tooth. When a child falls and loses a tooth, what can be done?



Early orthodontic correction brings peace of mind, determining the need for future dental work in children. Interceptive treatment prevents severe issues by influencing permanent tooth placement by addressing jaw and teeth structure with primary teeth still present.



When a tooth has been damaged either by infection (from tooth decay) or trauma (from a knock or bump), the dental professional will provide advice as to the best treatment for the tooth. If the damage to the tooth is too great, the best option may be to extract the tooth.

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Kidz Smile introduces the InstaLock™ system to stop thumb-sucking and finger-sucking. It securely attaches to the child's hand, preserving settings with a daily bracelet change. Thumb guards target thumb-sucking, and finger guards address finger-sucking—an effective solution to eliminate thumbsucking, making it a thing of the past.

A little girl sits in a dental chair and examines her cured teeth while looking in the mirror


Cosmetic dentistry's rapid expansion has captured growing interest due to its aesthetic and confidence-boosting benefits. At kidz smile, leveraging advancements in this field, we proudly offer quick, affordable, and virtually painless treatments to significantly enhance both the strength and appearance of your child's teeth.

A young woman with metal braces is being examined by an orthodontist. Correction of the bite of teeth in the dental clinic. Concept of healthy teeth.


Ensuring the preservation of baby teeth is crucial for oral health, as they significantly impact chewing, speech, and the proper alignment of permanent teeth. Baby teeth actively serve as placeholders, effectively preventing premature gaps that could potentially influence the final alignment. Timely attention to the loss of baby teeth remains essential for maintaining overall oral health.



If a baby tooth is lost prematurely, the potential solution may involve the use of a space maintainer to "save" the space. It's essential to understand that baby teeth serve a crucial purpose. One of the key reasons is to reserve space for the subsequent eruption of a permanent tooth, which occurs when the baby tooth is naturally lost.

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